A recent NY Times article on Mark Bradford included four images of unfinished works that will be included in the show. Bradford owns the images, which were taken by his friend, photographer Joshua White, and the Times did not ask the artist’s permission to publish them.


Hirst XL:
Over 18 meters high is a black statue called “Demon with Bowl” by Damien Hirst that is installed in the courtyard of the Palazzo Grassi.


B&B a la Danh Voh:
One of the most charming private apartments to rent was recommended by Danh Voh to some of his collectors but no way to try for a booking this summer as there is already a long waiting list. Try for 2019 ;)


Scary Trolls:
Ugh and Bõögâr, are the names of the two trolls turned artists that took over the creation of the Icelandic Pavilion from artist Egill Sæbjörnsson. According to a press release from the Icelandic art Center, the trolls travelled to Venice by foot on Easter Sunday morning from Berlin and because of their size it only took them 5 steps. Sounds like a fun one.


The hotspots:
Breakfast at Danieli, Lunch at Gritti and Dinner at Trattoria alla Madonna. The speciality? The Venetian spider crab – then after hour cocktails at Bauer Hotel.


The Young, The Old:
According to an evaluation done by artsy, onlyy 2% of the participating artists of this years Venice Biennial are between 21 – 30 yrs old and another two % build the eldest participants with 91-100 yrs. half of the participants are between 30 and 50.


Photo via Facebook; heute.at; artnet; artbahrain;Danieli; artsy