A bed covered with rose petals, red roses, incense candles, love letters – typical symbols of romance. The question is: Are these symbols still contemporary or are they a little outdated? Romance is sometimes related to kitsch and often a “thing” which women require from their partners as a proof of their true love. We scanned the internet to find out about a modern term of romance. Unfortunately people forget about romance after a certain time and the ulterior motive, to show somebody that you truly love him or her. Valentine’s Day, birthdays and maybe Christmas Eve are somehow the leftovers of romance, which is a truly sad realization when we think back at the times in which romance had a much higher value. Just imagine how many poems were written about love, how many songs were sang about heartache, how many paintings are hanging in museums about the joy and pain of love. Romance is a recurrent theme in all kind of arts and inspires enamored people all over the world to manifest their love, but it has become more and more difficult to find “true romance” and not getting lost in the world of artificial romance. Luckily we found some artists and creative people who give a refreshing breeze to this dusty image and encourage us to rediscover the importance of celebrating love.
The “new romance” is inspired by the open-mindedness towards every kind of love or relationship independent from gender, age and ethnical background. Artists who deal with the topic of romanticism try to focus on alternative symbols, far away from materialistic and commercial standards. You are tired of red roses and white lilies? Dearbotanica offers an alternative; the bouquets look wild and natural and prove how honest a simple present like flowers can prove one’s affection. Another perspective on relationships and the visualization of emotions can be found on the account of __adey__: by creating a fusion of photography and body art, the artists accomplish to constitute a sensitive and authentic image of intimacy. You see a lot of nudity and bodies holding each other tightly – the atmosphere of the pictures uploaded by Girlgazeproject and Curated by Girls do not purport to be sexually suggestive, rather than catching a higher level of love which is often neglected nowadays. Illustrarts in addition sometimes uploads works and sketches of artists who combined classic motives of love with a humoristic point of view of romance, such as the wooden silhouette of a couple kissing each other or the sweet drawings of lovers in bed colored in pink and pastel colors. All these artists seem to search a way to reinvent true romance, as they would tell us: “Celebrate your feelings, spend some special time with your partner and never let the butterflies die.”

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